A different kind of surfing

May 14, 2008

Rather than surfing the web as I usually do, I decided to take advantage of my last couple days in San Diego to do those things I wanted to try when I got here. Taking a surfing lesson was one of them, so this morning I gave a call to the Pacific Beach Surf School, and scheduled a lesson for this afternoon.

After meeting my instructor Nick, going through a short history of surfing, some theory and safety warnings, I finally got on the board… on the sand. I really wanted to just get in the water, but the little on-land exercise proved to be very useful.

Somehow, I managed to get up on the board on my first wave, and I started having a lot of fun. After an hour of lesson I also realized that surfing is quite a work-out, which never hurts. The only regret I have is to have discovered the joys of surfing less than a week before leaving southern California for five months. I'll try to make up for that in my last few days here, and hopefully get a couple good pictures.