Drupal Ninjas and Pirates!

Oct 11, 2008

The second edition of the BADCamp (Bay Area Drupal Camp) that took place in Berkeley this week-end seems to have been a success in many aspects. Even if the number of registered attendees was higher than last year, the event felt comparable in size. However, we got to attract a few more Drupal celebrities such as Earl Miles and Charlie Negyesi (who was surprised to see me on this part of the globe). The number of presentations proposed was also twice as big, which forced the organisers to only accept the most demanded ones and resulted in a higher quality average.

This time around, chx and dmitrig01 replaced webchick as my co-presenter for the Intro to SimpleTest session. The format was similar to the session in Szeged, but due to different co-presenters and a different audience the QA at the end took a very different direction. The testing sprint that followed had fewer participants than expected, but we nonetheless brought a solid contribution to Drupal7.

New in this edition was the BoF (Bird of a Feather) sessions, which once again proved their usefulness. The accessibility discussion led William Lawrence really got me to understand the various issues that we need to deal with when building Drupal websites and should result in some changes on happypixels. My own BoF on color.module integration for themes got some interesting feedback as well.

Overall, this '08 edition of BADCamp has been great. Lots of interesting topics, lots of insightful presentations, but most of all an incredible opportunity to meet people in the Drupal community.

Update: attaching the slides from the SimpleTest session.